Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vlogging... Hmm

(Totally unrelated picture but oh well)
So, remember way back when in a certain post that we mentioned the possibility of a vlog post... But sadly we have not been able to find a free video editing software (cause we're poor high school students) (though we do have jobs and/or are self employed) (but we're too cheap for our own good when it comes to that type of stuff and refuse to drop 100 bucks on video editing software we'll use once) (I probably didn't need to use all these "( )" things) But back to the main point... We're going to try to do single take videos (wish us luck haha!) then we'll upload them to our new youtube account, and embed them on the blog. (Note to self, teach Breanna how to embed videos)

In other news, the Road Trip! We leave Saturday! How incredibly exciting is that? There's soooo much to do before hand, such as, purchase new car charger for DVD Player, convince father to let us borrow the Laptop for the trip, pack, finish up homework, pack some more, get all the books I want to read on the trip, find all the movies we plan on watching, realize that I forgot some items so go back and pack even more, find suitable crafting for the trip, make lists of what else I need to remember (maybe I should just print off this blog post)

Okay that's enough of my insane rambling.



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