Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Good (No, GREAT!) Year For Football

So my friends, I decend upon the keyboard once more to tell you that for our family except one bowl game loss (The Rose Bowl, WI vs TCU) it has been a fantastic year for football.

 First, Auburn goes undefeated to the BCS National Championship game and wins it (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE! HEY!)

 Then the Packers make it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth, battle their way through the playoff games, make it to the Super Bowl and WIN! GO PACK GO!
Here's a video of the crazy celebration when the Packers won. Turn your speakers DOWN (I scream like a human dog whistle) Sorry the lighting isn't the best

*Cue "We Are The Champions"*

Also, Aaron Rodgers (hello cutie!) won the MVP. Congrats Arron! You deserved it!



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