Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Still...

Touching on Breanna's previous post. I too have had the "What do I want to be when I grow up" worries. If you read the interview of myself you see that I joke about different jobs that I'd love to have when I'm older. (Sadly I believe a Spy is out because I don't know Farsi, Mandarin Chinese, or Russian) In all reality I have no idea what I want to be and I stress about it daily. Whenever that happens the first Bible verse that pops into my head is "Be Still, and know that I am God." Immediately I start questioning God...
"What if I don't get a good score on my ACT/SAT?"

"Be Still."

"What if I don't get into college at all?"

"Be Still."

"What if I get into college and flunk out?"

"Be Still."

"What if I finish college and don't get a job?"

"Be Still."

"What if (Worst of all) I finish college, find a job, and am single my whole life? Oh Gosh I can picture it now. I'm wearing elastic waist jeans, white (well they USED to be white) Reebok tennis shoes (Velcro) and an over sized sweatshirt with cats in mugs on it?" (Not that anything is bad about that it just isn't my style) Then the worst thought of all comes. "What if I become a cat lady? Who spends all her earnings on kitty litter and canned cat food?"

"Be Still."

"How am I supposed to "Be Still" Lord when my future seems so daunting?"

"Trust in the Me with all your heart and lean not on your own understamding my dear child."

"Trust, that's it? Okay Lord, I'll trust you. But I ask you please spare me from the cat lady thing... Or atleast make it dogs."

"Be Still my dear child."

End note: Hey friends, I'm sorry I've been MIA from the blog the past week and a half or so. My parents were out of town last weekend (superbowl weekend) so I stayed with some family friends (had a BLAST) but I also only had access to my phone blogger and I knew I wanted to place certain pictures in different places in the post, which is a feature that I do not have on the blog app. So I started writing this up sometime last week then I came down with a cold (ick ick ick) so I felt a bit under the weather and didn't feel to much like blogging. Also, I'm going to hopefully (except when I'm "Phone Blogging") going have a neat picture of a heart in all of my blog posts this month of February. If you'd like to contribute a photo and have a chance to have your photography featured in a post shoot me an email! Miss ya'll and I might even type up another post today just because I've been gone SOOOO long. See ya!

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