Monday, January 10, 2011

Prince Charming with a Michael Jackson Voice

    Wow, I gotta get typing! Wasn't it just the other day that we started this blog? Well, not like you don't have enough to catch up on already, but it's time for Breanna's Fairytale Land of Story and Discussion! I can feel the world judging me as I say those words. Okay then!

    The other day, I was talking on the phone with Maddie (Lady Gaga walks out of nowhere and starts singing "Telephone". Go away, Lady Gaga!). While we were talking, she mentioned something about setting me up with a boy who talks with a British accent, but what I heard was a boy "who talks like Michael Jackson". Similar sounding phrases, but on vastly different levels of the creepiness scale. End of story. Now time for discussion, which will probably seem a little one-sided for a while. Don't worry, that's what the comments are for.
    Do you ever think about things that would draw you to a person? Turn-ons I believe they're called, but I'm a Baptist and we don't use words like that. (Plus, I'm trying to keep this blog G-rated.) Maddie and I obviously do once in a while. So far my goal is to find a Christian, conservative ninja with a British accent... or who talks like Michael Jackson, I can't tell the difference. I don't believe this is setting myself up for disappointment. What I do believe in is setting high standards.
    Also, have you ever been talking to someone and thought that they said something extremely different from what they actually said? Was it hilarious?
    Don't by shy! You see that magic box down there that whenever you pass your cruiser over it, the cruiser turns into what looks like a capital I? Go forth and type!
    Oh, and if you happen to know a Christian, conservative ninja with a British accent, you know who to call!


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