Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set... Blog!

  Hey Everyone! First and foremost, thank you for checking out our blog! This was another crazy idea of ours (like all our ideas) and hopefully we’ll stick to this one unlike… (Examples being; Knitting dog leashes, attempt to write a children’s adventure novel, a traveling diary, painted pencil business, WSMACCO!) (More on these later ;))

  Let us introduce ourselves, we’re Breanna and Madeline, we are 16 years old (going to be 17 this year) and have been friends since birth.

Madeline – Breanna has moved around quite a bit but finally settled down in a neighboring state and I’m very happy that we can see each other more often than once a year.

Breanna –Me too! That’s one of the reasons we decided to start this blog, as a way to keep in better contact with each other and we’ve noticed that many of our ideas have been something to do with entertaining “The People” so we came up with the idea of a blog and now we finally get a chance to do just that. (It also forces me to call Maddie more often which she loves because she gave me a special ringtone *cue chorus of Telephone by Lady Gaga*)

Madeline – We’re clueless bloggers so bear with us as we attempt yet another adventure of ours. Why did we pick the name we did you ask?

Breanna – We chose the name on a whim, but the idea was obviously sparked from our favorite Christmas movie and we knew we absolutely HAD to keep it when by a miracle it wasn’t already taken… We’re all Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins around here folks!

Madeline – Warning – This blog is 100% who we are… Random, witty, (debatable) crafty, (In the “we like to make stuff” sense of the word) and funny (at least we like to think so) so our posts will probably have no logical rhyme nor reason to them. LLAMA! Just kidding we aren’t that bad.

Breanna – Speak for yourself… don’t worry, I won’t unleash myself totally on you guys. We hope this blog inspires you to keep in contact with the people you cherish the most and to cherish the friendships you have.

Awww, now wasn’t that adorable? But seriously. Once again thank you so much can’t wait to get to know you through your comments and the blogger-sphere! Enjoy the show, um Blog!

Breanna and Madeline (The Original Ninny and Muggins of the Cotton Heads)

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