Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing Better Than A Hand Written Letter

In this day and age of instant everything, from instant food to instant messaging, who wouldn't enjoy receiving a hand written letter?
In a recent survey I conducted I asked the question would you rather receive a hand written letter or an email? 100% answered they'd rather receive a hand written letter than an email. (Although it could be because I only asked one person in the survey... Hmm)
So my goal for this year is to write at least one letter a week.
I honestly think writing letters is a lost art form, think of how incredibly creative you can be! You can be creative with what you write, who you write to, what you write with, what you write on... Well you get the picture.
Another plus for me when I write letters is it enables me to promote my business. (I take photos and turn them into note cards to sell and use for personal use)
So my friends, break out those pens and pencils, search for a stamp, make or find a nifty card and write a letter!


P.S. You could be a really awesome friend and add a neat item inside the card such as some stickers or photos..
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