Thursday, January 6, 2011


Can I let you in on little secret of mine? I'm kinda obsessed with the T.V. show Monk. I really love it, infact as I'm writing this I'm watching an episode. What is it that makes this show so addicting? Is it all of his quirks and witty sayings? Am I partial to the show because I've met Tony?
 Or is it that you just know in your heart of hearts that "former" detective Adrian Monk will always pull it out and catch the bad guy in the end no matter how many times his phobias interfere?
Ever since I started watching it I always have to straighten that one picture that is off by a hair. I even caught
myself doing the "hand thing"
 as i surveyed the huge mess in my room I was about to clean. Oh dear am I becoming OCD like Monk? I can picture it now I go to straighten something and someone says "My gosh you're so OCD." I'd turn around and say "Thank you!" Hmm, this really can't be to good. *stops and straightens the key board* Well I have to go untrain myself of being so OCD.

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