Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview of an American Icon...

I recently was able to have a nice interview with blog powerhouse Breanna Ask, and was lucky enough to ask her a few questions. Where ever there is an * it implies sarcasm ;) 

Madeline - Thank you for making time for this interview!

Breanna - Oh, no problem, I just had to rearrange my schedule and *postpone my trip to Italy...* (Laughs)

M - So what interested you in writing a blog?

B - Well you know, you and I had thought about a vlog for a while (maybe in the future) but decided to start small (a blog) and dream big.

M - Oh that's understandable! Can you give me the inside scoop on upcoming posts?

B - Well, We both post separately and don't really say much about what will be posted next until Viola! it's there! But for me, I will be continuing my Breanna's story time and discussion and hopefully do a few book reviews, movies reviews, pure unabashed randomness. Whatever pops into my head :)

M - So what's your favorite book currently?

B - No spoilers! It'll be in a future post I promise!

M - If you could have one book turned into a movie what would you choose?

B - Well I don't want to sound like a dork but I'm reading a REALLY good book about Pontius Pilate that would be really interesting. I'd definitely watch that movie if it came out. (Giggles)

M - No you don't sound like a dork at all! I'd want to see it too. Who would you cast in the movie?

B - Who's that guy who played Robin Hood, Russel Crowe... He'd make a good Pontius Pilate, not sure why but he'd be good. My dad would make a good Emperor.. My Aunt Kathy would be neat as Pilates wife, she lives in New York, *so isn't someone who lives in New York already semi famous?* Haha!

M - *Well, Donald Trump lives in New York and you could say he's semi famous, but that doesn't mean he'd make a good Mrs. Pilate. (Laughs) Have you seen any good movies lately?

B - You have a point there, and yes! I received a bunch of movies for Christmas, Up (I love that movie) When in Rome, Get Smart, Despicable Me, Legally Blonde and Fun with Dick & Jane.

M - I might have to borrow a few of those. So what's your favorite water brand?

 B - It's this Norwegian water from Norway called Voss.

M - Really? Interesting.

B - It comes in a tubular bottle and it's a foot long. I'll bring it on the trip to show you!

M - What is this trip you speak of?

B - Funny you should ask! You (Madeline, or your alias' Juan or Charlie) and I (Breanna or under my alias' George pronounced Hor-Hay or Puffin) will be gracing the state of sunshine, oranges, snow birds, Disney World and leather skinned speedo wearing old men with our presence during the last week of February going into March!

M - Well then! Sign me up, oh wait I already am signed up... What activities do you have planned for the car ride?

B - I am glad you asked, I just happen to have my list right here.

M - Oh do tell...

B - We will be knitting, crafting, you'll probably bring along tons of pictures for me to draw while saying "Draw Monkey! DRAW!"

M - You know I'd never do that to you! (Shifty Eyes)

B - No maybe not tons, but probably oodles... We also have a pretty awesome movie list and we'll be blogging from the road! Technology these days huh?

M - I know it makes yo feel old huh? At least it makes me feel old.

B - Then the feeling is mutual.

M - What is the last song you listened to on your iPod?

B - I'm pretty sure it was the Glee version of Valerie.

M - How about the last song you purchased on iTunes?

B - The last song I bought was Jar of hearts :) Hmm... I love that song.

M - You're an excellent artist, where do you find inspiration?

B - Sometimes I get inspired from books I read, you know the neat illustrations and pictures in magazines.

M - What's your favorite picture you've drawn?

B - I enjoy drawing portraits, so there's a cool picture I drew of a man in World magazine... That would have to be my favorite.

M - Do you sell your artwork or have you taken orders?

B - I haven't sold any yet, hopefully in the future... *I mean I've taken orders from you when you give me a picture and say "Draw Monkey! Draw!"* But I give artwork very often as gifts!

M - If you could meet anyone famous who would it be? Dead or Alive.

B - Ronald Wilson Reagan... Or Justin Bieber so I could throw a water bottle at him... ;)

M - (Laughs) Okay last question, do you sing in the shower?

B - I wish I could say that I did, I should start that habit. But no, sadly I don't. I don't know why because I sing everywhere else... I text from the bathtub, does that count?


(Stay tuned for a new interview next weekend!)

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