Wednesday, January 12, 2011

53 Years... It Feels Great To Be A Winner!

It's one of those nights where for some reason you're really tired but can't fall asleep, and I was going to post this tomorrow (Oh wait a second, it IS tomorrow ;) but since sleep is evading me thought I might as well do it now!
What an amazing game Monday night! I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! I had a pencil in my hand, poised to do homework at commercial breaks but needless to say no homework was completed, but I scraped all the paint off the pencil with my nails... (and didn't even notice I was doing it until the second quarter)
I'm not going to do a game recap because you'll find out how I really know nothing about football just enjoy watching it. A lot. And screaming random phrases at the television such as "Get him! Tackle him!!!!", "Yeah! Go, go, run down the fie.. No! Don't get hit!", or the ever popular "How in the world could you have missed that? Why did you drop it? I could've caught that!" (when in all honesty and reality I couldn't have)
I didn't go to the amazing game but a pretty cool friend of mine did and took this awesome photo, (in my opinion) sent it to me, then graciously give me permission to use it on the blog! (Thanks so much Evie!)
All I'm going to say is... WAR EAGLE!
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