Saturday, January 29, 2011

CAbi = Love

Okay wearing Cabi doesn't mean you'll find love, (although you do get quite a few compliments from the fellas when you wear the clothes) but you'll fall in LOVE with your clothing! Carol Anderson (the designer) is by far my favorite designer ever and manages to have a whole collection every 6 months that appeals to every and I mean EVERY age range! This season she even has a grouping named "The Blogger" (note to self: convince my mom to order me the whole grouping) wait a second (note to self: convince mom to order me the whole look book) So if you're a CAbi newbie or a seasoned CAbi customer check out the awesome new spring line (though here in the midwest spring doesn't come until may ;)


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ta-ta Titletown! Hello Houston!

(MN, not TX) Okay friends here's the scoop. I'm in the car right now headed to a magical place where friends get together. I'm headed to visit Breanna! (Squeals with excitement) *cue Handel's Hallelulia chorus*


P.S. That isn't us in the photo but that will be us jumping for joy :)

P.S.S. I heard a rumor of a possible VLOG post this evening... But you can't believe everything you hear... Or read...
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interview Number Two: The Other Half Of the Ninnymuggins

Breanna: May I interview you?

Maddie: Me?! Why would you want to interview me? Wait a second, I’ll call the Packers and tell them to postpone the game.

B: I’ll be right here.

M: *Get the ball! Run! Run! Okay, I’m back.

B: What are some of your aspirations?
M: Hmmm… let’s see I have to think about that… I would love to go splunking in Cave of Swallows. Also, I would love to be on Broadway someday!

B: I heard a rumor that you are the next Galinda of Wicked.

M: That rumor is correct, they called me yesterday and I signed the contract. They told me that I’d be perfect for the part.

B: I’ll be looking forward to seeing that! What is your favorite species of bird?

M: Blue macaw or maybe a bald eagle. I am actually also considering a career in ornithology… *sarcasm*

B: How many states have you been to?

M: Oh, let’s think…one…two….three…..four…..*ten years later* I think nineteen or twenty different states. Does landing in the airports count?

B: I always say that I’ve been to Ohio and Pennsylvania- I had a Philly cheese steak in the Philadelphia airport, That’s pretty legit- even though I’ve only landed in the airports of those states.

M: Okay then, twenty-one.

B: What is one of the weirdest things you have experienced in your life?

M: Having my appendix out on the way home from spring break…yeah, that was pretty weird.

B: How did that go for you?

M: Pretty good, it was one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation. I recognized the hospital from a show called Backyard Habitat or something like that. They were redoing gardens, and I recognized the balcony from the show. It was really cool. *We have the ball on the twenty. Gooo!. Go! This guy appeared out of nowhere, he was on the injured reserved list for most of the season, but then he just popped up out of nowhere!

B: (At this point I was frantically typing and holding up the interview.) Sorry about this.

M: No problem- Run Aaron run! Yes! He looks like a little squirrel running along on the side. It looks like they sped it up, but no. He’s  like a squirrel, or is that a chipmunk? A squipmunk?

B: (I hated to end this tangent.) What are some of the apps you have on your phone?

M: Funny you should ask, I happen to be on my phone right now. I won’t tell you all of the apps I have on here, but I have the Buddy the Elf soundboard app, my blogger app. If you look at my posts you’ll notice at the bottom it will say “This post has been posted by BloggerDroid something point something". I also have the YouTube app, a barcode scanner, um, I have Google Books, so I can read books on my phone. I have a Fake Call Me app, so whenever I’m in an awkward situation my phone will call me and it will say that the president is calling me so I can get out of that awkward situation.

B: Well, that sounds handy.

M: Get the bears! Get the bears! Thirty-eight, why do you keep getting penalized- One of my favorites is this Key Ring app. Whenever I’m at Barnes and Noble or something I can just use this app to get the barcode of my membership card up on my phone.

B: Ooooh, sweet!

M: I have Scanner Radio, which is a police scanner. It is legal as long as you don’t use it for evil purposes. I also have the United States Constitution app. It puts the Constitution on my phone and shows little bios about different things. It’s like a history lesson on your phone. Bailey, stop barking! She never barks, and all of a sudden, she’s barking her head off.

B: Oh, by the way, tell me about your dogs!

M: I have two dogs. One’s name is Daisy. She’s a teddy bear and she’s seven. She’s super smart- I’ve taught her all her tricks. Hehehe On the other hand we have Bailey, who is super dumb. She’s two, a golden retriever, and she smiles.

B: Creepy.

M: It’s a mix between a snarl and a smile. A snile. It’s really funny. I’m making a ton of my own words here: snile, squipmunk. I should make my own dictionary. Oh, wait, I’ll be right back.
*Abusive sounds directed at the TV in the background.*

M: Sorry, that was Justin Beiber on the phone; he wanted to know if I would buy his album and/or throw another water bottle at him.
(I see a recurring theme here. Sorry, Beibs.)

B: What are you going to do with your future?

M: That’s kind of the same as the “aspirations” question.

B: Actually, that was more of a bucket list question. I want to know what you want to do with your future now.

M: I have no idea, really. It changes daily. The other day, I wanted to be a football player. Hahaha Just kidding. Yesterday I wanted to be a spy, today I want to head of a big company, even though I don’t even know what public relations entails. Tomorrow I’ll probably want to be a baker again; I think I wanted to be a baker sometime last week.
Come on throw the ball! Throw the ball! AAAAH! Intercepted!

B: Wha-

M: WHOOOO!!!!! YEAHHHH!!! Good job number 37! What’s your name? Turn around so I can see your name. Let me see your name! Shields, you should get a raise. Not really, you already get paid millions to run up and down the field.

B: Anyways… what is your favorite ethnic food?

M: Does pork fried rice count? No joke it is the best thing. I could eat a quart of it. It’s from China Palace in downtown Green Bay; I am not getting paid to advertise. Wonderful.

B: Yum, gotta love Chinese buffets. Okay, last question. It's a really basic one: What’s your favorite animal?

M: I don’t really have one. Anything with fur or scales that I can turn into boots…PITA’s probably gonna come after me for saying that, but whatever.

B: Thank you for your time, kind ma’am!

M: No problem, the Packers were very understanding.

B: I heard you yelling at them, so I’m glad to hear that they weren’t too mad.

M: Well, they didn’t appreciate it, but sometimes they need to hear that kind of stuff. Now if you’ll excuse me, the game is done, and I have to go walk around the house singing “We Are the Champions”.

Go Pack! J

*The Packers/Bears game was going on in the background of our phone call, (regardless of Madeline’s request) and occasionally I heard muffled commentaries on the capabilities (or lack thereof) of the players. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dance Offs and Flash Dance Mobs.

Yes, if you read the "About Us" section you will know that it is one of Breanna and my dreams to start a flash dance mob.

(It doesn't have to be this big but we can dream right? *Crickets Chirp* Right??)
 Well we still haven't done that yet I do have a friend who recently participated in a dance off in front of over 5000 people, and WON! (By a landslide I might add) Go watch the awesome video!


Madeline <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How To Write A Proper To-Do List

If your like me, then you are crazy unorganized flying around at 100 mph at all times (even when the speed limit on craziness is 25 mph) So I thank God daily for giving me the wonderful gift of lists. I love lists, they make me feel so organized and in control (while in reality I really am not organized) and I love being able to take my pen, pencil or other writing object I happen to have on hand and either fill in the little circle, check the box or cross the item or task off my list. How do you go about creating a proper to-do list you ask? Simple! You only need a few things!

Paper (Preferably lined paper but any will do)
Pen, Pencil or Marker
Optional: Highlighter

First access the tasks that need to be completed, here's an example...
Laundry, Put in dryer
Write Thank you notes
Clean Room
Do Homework
Feed Dog
Do Dishes
Make Birthday Gift

Second check the time... Oh look it's 12:45 and the mail gets picked up at 1:15... You have 4 thank you notes to write? Guess what is number 1? That comes first! (You can also use letters of the alphabet but I prefer numbers)

1.) Write Thank You Notes

Did you just put the clothing in the washing machine? It's a short cycle, only 30 minutes. Let's do dishes!

1.) Write Thank You Notes
2.) Do Dishes

BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP Okay, cycle completed, but look! The cupboard is on the way to the laundry room. Let's feed the dog! (Assuming that it's near meal time for your pup)

1.) Write Thank You Notes
2.) Do Dishes
3.) Feed Dog
4.) Put Laundry in the Dryer

Well we are down to the final three tasks. The birthday party is this evening but you have no place to craft it up... Looks like you need to clean a space, I guess cleaning your room is the next thing on the list!

1.) Write Thank You Notes
2.) Do Dishes
3.) Feed Dog
4.) Put Laundry in the Dryer
5.) Clean Room

Now, how much homework do you have? A large hunk? A small bit? No matter what you will always focus better in a clean environment so let's tackle homework next. Even if you only get 3/4 done that's only 1/4 you have to do after the party tonight!

1.) Write Thank You Notes
2.) Do Dishes
3.) Feed Dog
4.) Put Laundry in the Dryer
5.) Clean Room
6.) Do Homework
7.) Make Birthday Gift

Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to make the birthday gift (unless you're one of those people who buy things... *Raises guilty hand* But Hey! I craft quite a few of my gifts thank you!) and to allow for paint or glue to dry if that is part of the project!

Congrats! You just finished your to-do list! Take a break! Get yourself a soda (or water if you are cutting down on sugar, personally I'm not so I'll help myself to a Sprite!) Enjoy that party that you're going to tonight ;)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, New Name Contest!

(These are not her actual products just a pretty awesome picture I found)
I've been totally obsessing over Bella Sugar Cosmetics on etsy... I haven't bought anything yet (I have to convince my mom to let me borrow her credit card...) But I am practically drooling over the gorgeous colors! (Check them out here!)
Bella Sugar Cosmetics is having a new name contest, so here's my entry!

"Hello Cupcake Cosmetics"

But seriously ya'll (no I'm not southern but go to a camp in the south in the summer) CHECK OUT her shop!
<3 Madeline

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview of an American Icon...

I recently was able to have a nice interview with blog powerhouse Breanna Ask, and was lucky enough to ask her a few questions. Where ever there is an * it implies sarcasm ;) 

Madeline - Thank you for making time for this interview!

Breanna - Oh, no problem, I just had to rearrange my schedule and *postpone my trip to Italy...* (Laughs)

M - So what interested you in writing a blog?

B - Well you know, you and I had thought about a vlog for a while (maybe in the future) but decided to start small (a blog) and dream big.

M - Oh that's understandable! Can you give me the inside scoop on upcoming posts?

B - Well, We both post separately and don't really say much about what will be posted next until Viola! it's there! But for me, I will be continuing my Breanna's story time and discussion and hopefully do a few book reviews, movies reviews, pure unabashed randomness. Whatever pops into my head :)

M - So what's your favorite book currently?

B - No spoilers! It'll be in a future post I promise!

M - If you could have one book turned into a movie what would you choose?

B - Well I don't want to sound like a dork but I'm reading a REALLY good book about Pontius Pilate that would be really interesting. I'd definitely watch that movie if it came out. (Giggles)

M - No you don't sound like a dork at all! I'd want to see it too. Who would you cast in the movie?

B - Who's that guy who played Robin Hood, Russel Crowe... He'd make a good Pontius Pilate, not sure why but he'd be good. My dad would make a good Emperor.. My Aunt Kathy would be neat as Pilates wife, she lives in New York, *so isn't someone who lives in New York already semi famous?* Haha!

M - *Well, Donald Trump lives in New York and you could say he's semi famous, but that doesn't mean he'd make a good Mrs. Pilate. (Laughs) Have you seen any good movies lately?

B - You have a point there, and yes! I received a bunch of movies for Christmas, Up (I love that movie) When in Rome, Get Smart, Despicable Me, Legally Blonde and Fun with Dick & Jane.

M - I might have to borrow a few of those. So what's your favorite water brand?

 B - It's this Norwegian water from Norway called Voss.

M - Really? Interesting.

B - It comes in a tubular bottle and it's a foot long. I'll bring it on the trip to show you!

M - What is this trip you speak of?

B - Funny you should ask! You (Madeline, or your alias' Juan or Charlie) and I (Breanna or under my alias' George pronounced Hor-Hay or Puffin) will be gracing the state of sunshine, oranges, snow birds, Disney World and leather skinned speedo wearing old men with our presence during the last week of February going into March!

M - Well then! Sign me up, oh wait I already am signed up... What activities do you have planned for the car ride?

B - I am glad you asked, I just happen to have my list right here.

M - Oh do tell...

B - We will be knitting, crafting, you'll probably bring along tons of pictures for me to draw while saying "Draw Monkey! DRAW!"

M - You know I'd never do that to you! (Shifty Eyes)

B - No maybe not tons, but probably oodles... We also have a pretty awesome movie list and we'll be blogging from the road! Technology these days huh?

M - I know it makes yo feel old huh? At least it makes me feel old.

B - Then the feeling is mutual.

M - What is the last song you listened to on your iPod?

B - I'm pretty sure it was the Glee version of Valerie.

M - How about the last song you purchased on iTunes?

B - The last song I bought was Jar of hearts :) Hmm... I love that song.

M - You're an excellent artist, where do you find inspiration?

B - Sometimes I get inspired from books I read, you know the neat illustrations and pictures in magazines.

M - What's your favorite picture you've drawn?

B - I enjoy drawing portraits, so there's a cool picture I drew of a man in World magazine... That would have to be my favorite.

M - Do you sell your artwork or have you taken orders?

B - I haven't sold any yet, hopefully in the future... *I mean I've taken orders from you when you give me a picture and say "Draw Monkey! Draw!"* But I give artwork very often as gifts!

M - If you could meet anyone famous who would it be? Dead or Alive.

B - Ronald Wilson Reagan... Or Justin Bieber so I could throw a water bottle at him... ;)

M - (Laughs) Okay last question, do you sing in the shower?

B - I wish I could say that I did, I should start that habit. But no, sadly I don't. I don't know why because I sing everywhere else... I text from the bathtub, does that count?


(Stay tuned for a new interview next weekend!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

53 Years... It Feels Great To Be A Winner!

It's one of those nights where for some reason you're really tired but can't fall asleep, and I was going to post this tomorrow (Oh wait a second, it IS tomorrow ;) but since sleep is evading me thought I might as well do it now!
What an amazing game Monday night! I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! I had a pencil in my hand, poised to do homework at commercial breaks but needless to say no homework was completed, but I scraped all the paint off the pencil with my nails... (and didn't even notice I was doing it until the second quarter)
I'm not going to do a game recap because you'll find out how I really know nothing about football just enjoy watching it. A lot. And screaming random phrases at the television such as "Get him! Tackle him!!!!", "Yeah! Go, go, run down the fie.. No! Don't get hit!", or the ever popular "How in the world could you have missed that? Why did you drop it? I could've caught that!" (when in all honesty and reality I couldn't have)
I didn't go to the amazing game but a pretty cool friend of mine did and took this awesome photo, (in my opinion) sent it to me, then graciously give me permission to use it on the blog! (Thanks so much Evie!)
All I'm going to say is... WAR EAGLE!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Prince Charming with a Michael Jackson Voice

    Wow, I gotta get typing! Wasn't it just the other day that we started this blog? Well, not like you don't have enough to catch up on already, but it's time for Breanna's Fairytale Land of Story and Discussion! I can feel the world judging me as I say those words. Okay then!

    The other day, I was talking on the phone with Maddie (Lady Gaga walks out of nowhere and starts singing "Telephone". Go away, Lady Gaga!). While we were talking, she mentioned something about setting me up with a boy who talks with a British accent, but what I heard was a boy "who talks like Michael Jackson". Similar sounding phrases, but on vastly different levels of the creepiness scale. End of story. Now time for discussion, which will probably seem a little one-sided for a while. Don't worry, that's what the comments are for.
    Do you ever think about things that would draw you to a person? Turn-ons I believe they're called, but I'm a Baptist and we don't use words like that. (Plus, I'm trying to keep this blog G-rated.) Maddie and I obviously do once in a while. So far my goal is to find a Christian, conservative ninja with a British accent... or who talks like Michael Jackson, I can't tell the difference. I don't believe this is setting myself up for disappointment. What I do believe in is setting high standards.
    Also, have you ever been talking to someone and thought that they said something extremely different from what they actually said? Was it hilarious?
    Don't by shy! You see that magic box down there that whenever you pass your cruiser over it, the cruiser turns into what looks like a capital I? Go forth and type!
    Oh, and if you happen to know a Christian, conservative ninja with a British accent, you know who to call!


War Eagle

Well my friends today is the biggest day in college football. The National Championship! I'm a huge Auburn Tigers fan, both of my sisters and two of my cousins graduated from Auburn so it would only be understandable that I would be.
I wish that I could be there to roll Toomer's Corner if they win! (Or be in D.C. To roll the White House with Robert Gibbs)
So can anyone guess where I'll be tonight at 7:30? :)


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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing Better Than A Hand Written Letter

In this day and age of instant everything, from instant food to instant messaging, who wouldn't enjoy receiving a hand written letter?
In a recent survey I conducted I asked the question would you rather receive a hand written letter or an email? 100% answered they'd rather receive a hand written letter than an email. (Although it could be because I only asked one person in the survey... Hmm)
So my goal for this year is to write at least one letter a week.
I honestly think writing letters is a lost art form, think of how incredibly creative you can be! You can be creative with what you write, who you write to, what you write with, what you write on... Well you get the picture.
Another plus for me when I write letters is it enables me to promote my business. (I take photos and turn them into note cards to sell and use for personal use)
So my friends, break out those pens and pencils, search for a stamp, make or find a nifty card and write a letter!


P.S. You could be a really awesome friend and add a neat item inside the card such as some stickers or photos..
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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Can I let you in on little secret of mine? I'm kinda obsessed with the T.V. show Monk. I really love it, infact as I'm writing this I'm watching an episode. What is it that makes this show so addicting? Is it all of his quirks and witty sayings? Am I partial to the show because I've met Tony?
 Or is it that you just know in your heart of hearts that "former" detective Adrian Monk will always pull it out and catch the bad guy in the end no matter how many times his phobias interfere?
Ever since I started watching it I always have to straighten that one picture that is off by a hair. I even caught
myself doing the "hand thing"
 as i surveyed the huge mess in my room I was about to clean. Oh dear am I becoming OCD like Monk? I can picture it now I go to straighten something and someone says "My gosh you're so OCD." I'd turn around and say "Thank you!" Hmm, this really can't be to good. *stops and straightens the key board* Well I have to go untrain myself of being so OCD.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set... Blog!

  Hey Everyone! First and foremost, thank you for checking out our blog! This was another crazy idea of ours (like all our ideas) and hopefully we’ll stick to this one unlike… (Examples being; Knitting dog leashes, attempt to write a children’s adventure novel, a traveling diary, painted pencil business, WSMACCO!) (More on these later ;))

  Let us introduce ourselves, we’re Breanna and Madeline, we are 16 years old (going to be 17 this year) and have been friends since birth.

Madeline – Breanna has moved around quite a bit but finally settled down in a neighboring state and I’m very happy that we can see each other more often than once a year.

Breanna –Me too! That’s one of the reasons we decided to start this blog, as a way to keep in better contact with each other and we’ve noticed that many of our ideas have been something to do with entertaining “The People” so we came up with the idea of a blog and now we finally get a chance to do just that. (It also forces me to call Maddie more often which she loves because she gave me a special ringtone *cue chorus of Telephone by Lady Gaga*)

Madeline – We’re clueless bloggers so bear with us as we attempt yet another adventure of ours. Why did we pick the name we did you ask?

Breanna – We chose the name on a whim, but the idea was obviously sparked from our favorite Christmas movie and we knew we absolutely HAD to keep it when by a miracle it wasn’t already taken… We’re all Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins around here folks!

Madeline – Warning – This blog is 100% who we are… Random, witty, (debatable) crafty, (In the “we like to make stuff” sense of the word) and funny (at least we like to think so) so our posts will probably have no logical rhyme nor reason to them. LLAMA! Just kidding we aren’t that bad.

Breanna – Speak for yourself… don’t worry, I won’t unleash myself totally on you guys. We hope this blog inspires you to keep in contact with the people you cherish the most and to cherish the friendships you have.

Awww, now wasn’t that adorable? But seriously. Once again thank you so much can’t wait to get to know you through your comments and the blogger-sphere! Enjoy the show, um Blog!

Breanna and Madeline (The Original Ninny and Muggins of the Cotton Heads)